On the road again!

5 Aug


Hello from Georgetown Texas.


Yes, I’m still in TX, but soon I will be on the road again. Monday, August 12, I’m heading to Dade City, FL where I will visit with the wonderful folks at Morningstar Fishermen, the aquaponics school I attended last year. While here in Texas, I set up and operated a small, backyard aquaponics system at Bruce Hammack’s house. I learned much from the experience, but it left me with some questions that I hope the staff at Morningstar can answer. Although they are in the midst of a major remodel, they have graciously offered some of their valuable time to help me with those questions and to review the system I designed for the orphanage in Honduras.


Barry and Penny Compton, the founders of Open Door Ministries, live only about an hour away from the school. I hope and pray that they will be able to travel to Dade City. I want them to see a large aquaponics system in operation. I think it will give them invaluable insight on how aquaponics will help feed their kids.


And finally, I simply want to walk through the greenhouse, feed the fish, and “smell the aquaponics” again.


On Friday, August 16, I am traveling back to Colorado. I will be there for just over two weeks. On Sundays I will set up the Lego model of an aquaponics system and tell anyone who will listen about the vision and mission that God has given Food 4 Kids. I hope we can finish the fund-raising for my year in Honduras during these two weeks.


Speaking of fund-raising – you – the supporters of Food 4 Kids – are amazing. Between donations and pledges, we now have over $9,000 of the $15,000 needed for my year in Honduras.  That means with less than $6,000 more in donations or pledges, I can make travel plans. And man I am ready to travel. Uh, not that I haven’t like waiting. Waiting is good. Thanks everybody for your support with the ministry. And most of all, Thank you Lord Jesus for these wonderful people who have caught the vision of Food 4 Kids.


Okay, you knew I would eventually ask for something in this email – or you should have. I need a place to stay for the two and a half weeks that I am in Colorado. This would start August 16. I will also need someone to pick me up in Frisco that night and take me to wherever I’m staying. (Too much luggage to ride the shuttle) So, talk it over with Jesus and send me an email if you can help. Oh, one more item.


The Info and Update Blog for Food 4 Kids is up and running. Check it out. We got pictures. We got videos. We got a mission statement. We even got updates. (Unfortunately, we don’t got good grammar.) After September, all the updates will be posted on the blog and you can receive an email notification of them. To receive the notices, all you have to do is go to the blog and click on the button that says you want to receive the updates. Once you click on it, type in your name, email address, SSN, and your credit card number … Um, no, legal counsel just advised that I should only ask for the first two. Please sign up. It will make things much simpler for me. And after all, it’s all about … no, no that’s not right either. It is not all about me. However, you do want to get my blogs. Each month I will make a report on the work I am doing in Honduras. I may post a video about some of my experiences or the sights in Honduras. I’ll also post pictures and names of the kids so you can pray for them. If you don’t want to receive email notification of updates, you can always just check out the blog by saving the link below to your favorites or bookmarks. Give it a test ride. Hit the link below now. Um, I mean gently click the link below. (Legal counsel again.)




Thanks & be blessed my family in the Lord, and don’t drop your sword.




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