Helloes, Whys, Blessings, and See Ya Soons.

19 Feb


Hello all! It is February 18 and I am back online. I arrived on Feb. 13 and I confess it is my fault it took this long to get back online. I took a couple of days off to settle back in to life here at Village of Hope. The time I spent in the USA was marvelous and much more than I expected, but it wasn’t a relaxing time. So, I haven’t done much since I returned except watch it rain. Oh yeah. It is still the rainy season here in Tocoa, Honduras.

While in the states I realized that I have failed in my duty to inform you, the supporters of Food 4 Kids, on how and why you can help. I’m sure you noticed that I have begged, pleaded, and threatened you in the effort to sign everyone up on the Food 4 Kids blog. However, I never explained WHY it matters or HOW it can help. To be honest, in the beginning, getting everyone to sign up for the blog was a matter of convenience, but not now. Now it is a matter of economics. Okay, economics and convenience.

When I purchase a month of internet service in Honduras, I am paying for the right to use a certain amount of data within that month. When either the data or the month runs out, I must purchase a new month and a new block of data. If I send updates to the 105 people on my email update list, then I use 105 amounts of that much data. Admittedly, if it is a text-only email, that is not much. However, I want to send pictures and videos too. If I send 105 emails with pictures or videos, it would use up my data quickly. So, if everyone signs up for the blog, I only have to make one post to the blog and it sends out 105 emails for me. (That is assuming that all of you sign up to follow the blog) So, now that you understand how and why it will help Food 4 Kids, you will all go to the blog and click on the “follow” button and put in your emails. Right? Thank you.

With Helloes and Whys out of the way, here is the Blessing part. When I made this trip to the USA at the end of January I thought of it as a recruiting trip. I hoped to have a team-building meeting for those interested in short term trips or even a longer stay in Honduras. I prayed for 10 or 12 folks to show up, but I was determined to stay thankful if only 5 or 6 showed up. Imagine my elation when 22 folks came to the meeting while another 12 told me they were interested but for various reasons couldn’t come to the meeting. Wow. I am so humbled by my God and His people.

Mike Atkinson and Jeremy Frye are planning a trip to Honduras in March to evaluate the opportunities for short term teams as well as longer term individual stays. While here, they will meet with Lauren, the director of Open Door Ministries. Many details are yet to be worked out, but soon we will have a trip planned with tasks, dates, costs, and other pertinent info. Yes, this was a very successful recruiting trip, but while in Colorado, we received several financial gifts to Food 4 Kids, including the largest single gift we have had – so far.

 A few reports from Honduras:

The kids said, “Kidy.” Umm. That is as close as they get to “Howdy.”

The gardens are in poor shape after I was in the states for three weeks. Lots of work to do.

It is still raining several times a day.

I gave out hugs with your names on them. I received hugs meant for you.

To those coming on a mission trip, I will see you in Honduras. To those not coming to Honduras, I hope to see you on my next trip to the USA in May. Be blessed and See Ya Soon!!



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