2 Jul



Apparently Daisy thinks that our pain meter here at Village of Hope is off the scale. If she is correct, we should be coming into a whole lot of gain. Here is a list of the painful accidents we’ve had in the last couple of weeks: A teen-aged missionary was kicked in the face during a soccer game. I smashed Yasmin’s finger in the front gate. Noe has a knot on his forehead after walking into a stick wielded by a ninja orphan. (Not to be confused with an orphan ninja)


Nicol took a dive off her top bunk one night. On the way down she smacked her head onto either the floor or another bunk. Her forehead was bruised and her nose swollen, but no broken nose or even a loose tooth. Even the scape on her head has healed up, but I still made her promise to stop pretending to be an airplane when she crawled out of her bunk to go to the bathroom at night. Oh, Nicol also had a toothache and had to have a molar pulled. (Tough week!)


Nathan my intern has a beautiful sunburn, but he is still smiling. Here he is with Elmer.


Michelle, another intern, was sick for three days. Here is a shot of Michelle and her Dad, Rodney with Nicol. That was just a small list of the bumps and bruises one sees during a couple of weeks here. It could have been worse. Yasmin could have a broken finger. Nicol could have a broken neck. Noe could have been hit in the eye. The young missionary could have lost teeth. Nathan could have been sunburned really bad. Michelle could have been forced to return to the USA. So, thank you Jesus for your protection. Still, we did have some gains because of, or in spite of, the pains.


Nathan, my intern from the Church at Agape Outpost in Breckenridge Colorado is helping Freddis, our maintenance guy, build a new warehouse for the orphanage. Here is the back room of the warehouse (bodega in Spanish) that Nathan is building. I am impressed with Nathan’s choice of jobs because it is hot here in June and the work is hard, but Nathan wants to see the job finished. It is good to see young people dedicated to completing a task. Michelle is bilingual and a teacher. She has been a blessing to our school and we will miss her when she returns to Florida in July. AND, the aquaponics system is not only up, but it is RUNNING!!


Plants in the system so far are chives, okra, beans, tomatoes, mint, cucumbers, and some peppers.


Here are photos of the roots of our chives and mint. We grew these from seeds.


The water is clear enough to take pictures and count the fish. (We have 10 in the tank.) Here is Clouseau, Claude, and Claudette. Yes, I name my fish. I am looking forward to some grilled Clouseau. Next I have some Misc photos of times of gain:


Water slide day.


Village of Hope soccer team victors over Gates of Hope 12 to 1.


The twins messing with Jeremy Frye’s hair just because they can.


Luke Anthony (Lucas to the kids) from Florida discovering that I like to take pictures of people taking pictures.


Dance contest in full swing.

I think the gains of the last couple of weeks have outweighed the pains, but then I didn’t take a dive off a top bunk on the way to the bathroom, I didn’t get a tooth pulled, I didn’t get my finger caught in a steel gate, nor did I get kicked in the face. I did get to take care of several of those in pain and it has been my gain to see them smile again. Before I close, you should know that I hope to make more posts than usual this summer. I will also be back in the states in mid-August. I hope to have some exciting news about the future of Food 4 Kids to share before that time, but for now, look for God’s loving hand as he turns your pain to gain and,

Don’t forget in your pain what God told you during the times of gain.





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