The command: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless (genuine) is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress … “ James 1:27 (NIV-2011)

Our motto: If you donate one fish to an orphanage, you feed one child for one day, but if you install an aquaponics farm and train a farmer, then you feed many children for years!!!

The need: Orphans have many needs. Salvation in Jesus, housing, clothing, medical care, education, and knowing someone cares are just a few of the most important. Proper nutrition is another. Many orphanages struggle to provide sufficient protein and fresh vegetables for their kids. They are commonly expensive, often difficult to grow, and in some areas almost impossible to obtain. Food 4 Kids wants to help.

The organization: My name is Gideon Cooper. I am the founder of Food 4 Kids. I asked my home church (The Church at the Agape Outpost in Breckenridge, CO) to be a partner in this ministry so Food 4 Kids would have both spiritual and financial oversight. All donations will be made to the Agape Outpost where they will be held in the Food 4 Kids account until requisitioned for approved expenses.

The tool: Aquaponics. Never heard of it? Not many have. It is the combination of aquaculture” (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing vegetables in water instead of soil). A very basic description is that fish in a tank or pond excrete waste into the water. Naturally forming bacteria convert the ammonia in the waste to nitrates. Plants absorb the nitrates and produce vegetables. The water is returned to the fish tank and the process begins again.

Where? Barry & Penny Compton, the founders of Open Door Ministries, operate two facilities in the small, Honduran city of Tocoa. Village of Hope is an orphanage. Gates of Hope is a rescue home for young women. If you want to know more, check out the video in the sidebar or go the website for Open Door Ministries. In the video I also explain how the Lord called me to stay in Tocoa for a year.

Why a year? To be honest, my original plan was to visit Honduras 2 or 3 times and stay 4 to 6 weeks each visit to install a large aquaponics farm. But God’s plans were different. He told me to go on south and stay for a year. I will install and operate a large aquaponics system once we raise the money, but during this time I will train the kids to operate small aquaponics systems and even small dirt gardens.

Isn’t feeding them enough? These kids won’t always be kids. Soon they will be adults and leave the orphanage. If they know how to grow vegetables in their backyards, this simple and practical skill could greatly enhance their incomes and have tremendous impact in helping them break out of the cycle of poverty and hopelessness that hovers over Honduras. While in Honduras, I will also install a small aquaponics system in Sambo Creek at a gardening school operated by Dan Oszcepinski, the founder of My Brother’s Keeper International.

“Breaking the cycle!” That is the motto of Open Door Ministries. The Comptons understand that while orphans need immediate help, they also need help for tomorrow. They believe Kingdom work includes offering salvation while fulfilling today’s needs, but they also want to set their kids free from the stronghold of poverty.

How can you help? Pray!! Yeah, I know, every ministry says they want your prayers, but I mean it (Not that others don’t). I believe God releases His power through His people, so please, pray for me and the kids at both Gates of Hope and Village of Hope. If you want to receive updates of prayer needs, just hit the “follow” button for this blog and you will receive a notification for each update.

Financial support? May I drop the “church-speak” and be blunt? We need money. In the sidebar I have a counter with the financial needs and how close we are to being funded. If you want a copy of our proposed budget, send a request to the email address below.

Will your prayers and gifts really make a difference to the kids? Absolutely!! I know these are tough times economically. I know it’s important to Christians and Churches that their prayers, money, and time are truly invested in Kingdom work. God let me spend 3 days with both of Food 4 Kid’s new ministry partners. I can assure you, they are already making a difference. The kids at Tocoa were healthy, happy, hopeful, and clean (well, as clean as hard-playing kids can be). The ladies at the gardening school in Sambo Creek were eager to learn and willing to work.

Thanks, and… don’t drop your sword (Bible) and keep it sharp (read it) too!

Oh, contact and donation info are at the bottom of this page.


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  1. Deanna Bjork September 24, 2013 at 8:05 PM #

    Praying for Food 4 Kids, Gideon and the future potential for Miracle House!!

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